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Our mission is to elevate the soul through skin wellness while delivering solutions for both men and women of all ages to fight and clear acne, brighten and improve pigmentation, reverse menopausal skin changes for the skin to look younger, repair cellulite & help stop hair loss naturally and non-invasively. All products are certified cruelty-free and are created with so much love and passion to make a difference holistically for the overall skin, body, and spirit.

Nature Pure Labs Philosophy

We are dedicated to providing the finest natural, efficacious, and safest treatments around, accompanied by supreme service to all distributors and beauty professionals at exceptional pricing. Our products contain premium natural active ingredients and are 100% free of parabens, artificial coloring, and artificial fragrances.

Nature of Our Company

Nature Pure Labs SW, Inc. founded in 1996, is the leading North American skincare company that takes advantage of the unique power of the Siberian plant, Hippophae (Sea Buckthorn), and is the first to integrate Soy Isoflavones in skincare, among many other innovative developments. 

Nature Pure Labs' products incorporate the latest American scientific research with traditional Eastern European and West Siberian natural additives used for many centuries for skin beautification. 

Nature Pure Labs continues to grow while consistently searching for opportunities in synchronization with our sincere attention to all customers, and providing skin and body products that are developed with the highest quality and care, utilizing natural ancient old remedies.

Nature Pure Labs Quality Standards


We share with you our extensive knowledge about skincare. Knowing the facts will help to open a world of possibilities on how to protect your skin and look younger throughout your life.

While nearly all parts of your body are covered with clothing, your face, on the contrary, is left bare and unprotected from the damages caused by the sun, wind, and atmospheric pollutants, yet, your face is primary. It is certain that the first impressions that are made are based on the appearance of your face. The face should not be neglected, rather it should continually be cared for to sustain the skin's uttermost appearance and vitality.

Prior to examining specific skin types to identify your own, you should know that all skin types require continual maintenance with appropriate skincare products so that you feel and look your best. For optimal results, it is important for the skin to maintain continuous moisture and be protected from the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation. To overcome daily environmental damages, a nightly application of a rejuvenating cream to enhance skin cell regeneration is crucial. Also, to help slow down the aging process special anti-aging products would be advantageous.

Our Resources

The complete line of over 100 products for skin, body, and hair care includes care for all skin types and skin conditions. 
Company brands include NATPURE®, Soy Doctor®, Soy Beauty®, Lipomelt®, Ozokelid®, Rejuvahair®, Spa Bouquet®, and SolvAGE®.

NATPURE® products are enriched with the highest of quality and all-natural active ingredients. Typically, products of such caliber are charged at significantly higher prices; for the reason that you are buying company direct, we can afford to offer you such exceptional prices.

Our Story: How it All Started

In 1991, my family and I migrated to the United States as refugees from Eastern Europe; it was shortly before the collapse of the former Soviet Union. My parents took a leap of faith, leaving everything they ever knew behind, in search and hope for a more promising and secure future.

For many years, like most immigrant families, we worked hard to “make it” and assimilate into the culture. My father, a chemist with a Master’s Degree, was working at McDonald’s with responsibilities that included from cooking to washing bathrooms. My mother, an engineer also with a Master’s Degree, was working part-time as a house cleaner the rest of the time as a babysitter, before having to rush home to take care of her own kids. My sister and I began working early on in life as well, wanting to contribute and help our family. Our jobs ranged from the local shoe repair shop to the pizza parlor. It was embedded in us that if we work hard we will achieve great things, and of course, what we were chasing as a family was the ultimate “American Dream.”
In 1996, finally, both of my parents were secure in their professions. My father was working as a formulator at Warner-Lambert, known today as Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, creating products that ranged from Trident gum to Lubriderm Lotion. During his time there, he became close friends with a man named Seymour Weinstein (Sy). I remember like it was yesterday, and I get goosebumps even at this moment as I think of him. He was such a warm and loving human being, and simply put, we loved him like family.

My father formulated his first original cream with hippophae (sea buckthorn) berries and presented it at the company. Everyone laughed and told him this will never fly on the American market. A face cream that is yellow and plus has no perfume will never sell is what they said. Of course, my Father may have felt defeated at the time, but Sy was his biggest cheerleader and supporter. That was when Sy told my father that we have to create our own company and move forward, and he promised he would guide us along this foreign and terrifying journey of having our own business.

Every Friday Sy would commute back to his wife and home in Albany approximately 2.5-3 hours away. One Friday afternoon, just 30 minutes after my father wished Sy a great weekend, my father receives a call at his desk at work. “We are sorry to tell, but Sy had a heart attack at the wheel,” we were told he stepped out of his car, knelt down on his knees on the grass and never got up again. My family was devastated; it was truly the first real heartbreak that I remember in my life.

Shortly after, for several reasons, mostly company politics, life became more difficult for my father at the company. Above all, we were constantly lingering on the thought of what Sy wished for us, to have our own company. And so, we decided to move forward in his memory, but having to figure it all out on our own. In 1996, Nature Pure Labs SW, Inc. was founded. For anyone who ever assumed that SW stands for nothing more than southwest, it is the furthest thing from that, SW is the initials of Seymour Weinstein, our dear friend, an inspiration, an angel in heaven looking over us.
To say it was an excruciatingly difficult journey is an understatement, but I will save that story for a different time.
Today, we are based in New York and the foundation of our company is primarily a Father-Daughter duo creating products that we are passionate about to make people look and feel younger and healthier.

I am a Licensed Esthetician/Skin Specialist, a spa consultant, and educator. It is an honor to contribute to the industry, having my articles featured in countless industry publications and invited to teach on the main stage of the International Esthetic Congress on multiple occasions. My Father still the formulation mastermind, continues to do what he does best, innovating and creating. We continue to bring to market our traditional healing remedies along with our own scientific research and breakthroughs.

We formulate & manufacture products utilizing the highest quality and most potent concentrations of actives that drive anti-aging and skin clearing results. Products are available in spas across the United States as well as in selected countries abroad.
We have always been passionate about promoting wellness from the outside in. What started out as a small local beauty shop is now a nationwide professional clinical skincare line but still available locally.

We take great pride in the amazing relationships and friends we have created and gained throughout the years of growth in the industry, and are always delighted to personally connect with each and every one of our customers, so do not hesitate to call or write us.

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