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Non Contact Infared Body Thermometer

  • *The non-contact thermometer has been tested many times. We provide optimized algorithms and the latest smart chips for ultra-sensitive sensors to provide reliable readings and ensure excellent performance. You only need to press a button to provide accurate temperature immediately within 1 second
  • *The body thermometer has two modes, including "body" mode and "surface" mode. It can not only measure the body temperature of infants or adults through the forehead mode, but also measure the temperature of objects . Such as water, bottle, food temperature, etc
  • *The digital thermometer measures the human body or surface temperature based on the infrared energy emitted by the forehead or an object (such as milk and water). You can quickly get measurement results after pointing the temperature probe to the target
  • *The infrared thermometer has a three-color backlight color alarm function. If the temperature is within the normal range (95.9 °F-99.1 °F / 35.5-37.3 °C), the LCD will display green. If the temperature is higher than the normal range (default setting is 99.1 °F / 37.3 °C), the fever thermometer will emit a warning sound, and the LCD will display yellow (indicating that you may have a fever) or red (indicating that you may have high fever)
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