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MistyK Eco Friendly Sanitizing & Cleaning

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Mistyk is a molecularly charged cleaner that safely disinfects and cleans even the toughest stains. Sprays like Water. Cleans like Soap. Sanitizes all surfaces.


Why Mistyk?

Mistyk is a safe and effective household and industrial cleaner. It is 99% water and contains no harmful chemicals.

Why it Works

Mistyk is a high alkaline, high PH cleaner that is ionized through a reverse osmosis process. The combination of higher PH and the ionization process breaks down the bond of the dirt and can be wiped clean. Just spray, let stand ten seconds, and wipe.

Benefits and Advantages of Mistyk

  • *By using Mistyk’s sanitizing cleaner, you can eliminate many toxic and caustic soaps, detergents, and cleaners.
  • *Mistyk cleans, degreases, and deodorizes.  Windows and glass will be streak free.  The perfect cleaner.
  • *Mistyk is 99% purified water and a proprietary blend of Potassium Carbonate (Food Grade Salt) and other specific components.  It is reliable and safe to use.
  • *Mistyk contains no pollutants and mixes safely with the environment.
  • *No need to rinse anything after using Mistyk.  It’s already clean. Mistyk leaves no residue and is environmentlally safe.
It works great as a household cleaner for bathrooms, kitchens, and for streak free windows. It can be used as stain remover for carpets, upholstery, and clothing.  it can be used to sanitize all of your boat surfaces and isn't harmful to wild life.

Use it as a vegetable wash to clean chemicals from fruit or to clean your food preparation area. Drop a grape tomato into plain water and one into mistyk and see what happens.  Clean windshields, cell phones, and glass. It can be used as a hand sanitizer and as a degreaser. All without using harmful chemicals.

Mistyk Test Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the wonders of Mistyk by browsing the topics below.
What is Mistyk?  
Mistyk is a high PH alkaline water.  It is manufactured through an ionization process using pure water filtered by reverse osmosis and uses Potassium Carbonate as an electrolyte and a proprietary blend of specific components.

What does PH mean?  
PH stands for Potential of Hydrogen.  It indicates the density of hydrogen in water.  At a PH of 9-14, it is considered alkaline and the higher the PH, the higher the alkalinity.

Is a higher PH water safe?  
It is not harmful or dangerous.  Based on the process of manufacturing Mistyk, it has excellent cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing properties, but is not harmful or dangerous.

Can you use Mistyk with bare hands?  
Of course, you can.  It is recommended for cleaning hands.  Potassium Carbonate is used to produce Mistyk, it is a substance that is classified as a food additive and contains no surfactants or other chemicals.  It is safe for all the members of your family.

Does Mistyk have an odor or smell?  
No, it is odorless and colorless.  It is quite simply pure water without chlorine, iron or foreign substances that are in ordinary tap water.

How does Mistyk clean so well when it is nearly 100% water?  
Mistyk contains tiny clusters of hydrogen that force their way between stains and the surface and wraps the stain with negative ions and separates the stain particles from surfaces and objects.  This is the explanation as to why Mistyk is a great deodorizer and cleaner.  Mistyk kills germs!

Can Mistyk be rinsed down the drain?  
Mistyk is nearly 100% water without any surfactants or chemicals.  The high alkalinity is diluted into any waste water system.  It can be rinsed down the drain.  In fact, it can keep the drain clean and odorless.  On the other hand, using detergents with surfactants can damage the water environment through drainage and eventually produce harmful sludge in lakes, rivers, and oceans.

How do I use Mistyk?  
There is no trick to using Mistyk, simply spray, let set 10 seconds and wipe.  For wood or copper, wipe off immediately to avoid discoloration.  Use a microfiber cloth for streak less window and glass.

Can I clean anything with Mistyk?  
Anything can be cleaned or deodorized by Mistyk.  Use caution cleaning raw aluminum, copper, chrome or wood.  Cleaning these items is not a problem if wiped immediately.  As with carpets, test in an inconspicuous spot. 
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