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Hippophae Hair Restoring Conditioner

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This outstanding formula is the only one on the market containing a natural hair remedy –Hippophae Oil. It nourishes and replenishes hair’s fibers and improves strength and elasticity while restoring the moisture. A complex of natural botanicals makes your hair healthy with a beautiful shiny appearance. Among thousands of plant species only Jojoba contains a substance almost identical to human sebum in large quantities. Jojoba Oil is an excellent ingredient to improve hair elasticity and texture. Wheat Germ Oil is very rich in Vitamin E and also contains Vitamins A, F, D, B, Lecithin and Phytoestrogen. It regenerates and nourishes hair. This formula is also enriched with Panthenol. To Use: Apply to the wet hair, leave on as desired and rinse thoroughly. For best results, use with Hippophae Botanical Shampoo or Volumizing VitaBotanical Shampoo.
Size: 238 ml e 8.0 fl oz
Ingredients: Available upon request
$31.00 / 8 oz
Availability: In Stock

#1 Hair Treatment in the World - Stops hair loss, transforms hair and improves and stimulates new healthy hair growth.
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