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Pigmentation & Complexion Brightening Home System


Dark spots and an uneven complexion develop over time. Some dominant causes include sun exposure, skin injuries, smoking, and hormone fluctuations.

Skin pigmentation is regulated by melanin production. A powerful way to enhance and even skin tone and lighten hyperpigmentation is by inhibiting overactive melanin production and boost cell regeneration.

This carefully put together home care regimen is the necessary solution to lighten dark spots, and enhance and brighten the overall complexion to achieve glowing healthy skin.

The system works to gently and effectively treat the skin utilizing Nature Pure holistic clinical formulas combined with the advanced action of My Skin Buddy (MSB) 6 function skin device.

The treatment is tyrosinase inhibiting which works to gently and steadily brighten the skin, fade dark spots, smooth skin texture and achieve radiant youthful skin. The soothing and calming action works to remedy post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Plus skin is vastly nourished with a long list of wellness-promoting ingredients.

System Includes:

Step 1: Brightening Facial Fruit Wash (MSB Setting 1)
Step 2: Cucumber Mint Moisturizing Mist

1-2 Times a Day: Skin Lightening Serum (MSB Setting 4 Green Light - Do not use on the entire face, only on dark spots)

Step 3: Revitalizing Fruit Complex (MSB Setting 5 RedLight)
Step 4: Ultra Light Moisture Screen SPF 30 (Setting 6)

1-2 times a week: Azulene-Seaweed Masque (MSB Setting 4 Green Light) 

My Skin Buddy (MSB) Product & Result Enhancing Skin Device

Also, remember it is essential to use your sun protection and eye care daily.

Recommended: Soy Doctor Ultralight Moisturescreen SPF 30 (not included)

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