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Sweet Delight Body Renewal Set


Indulge in the aromatic bouquet of fruits and botanicals working to renew every inch of skin on your body with rich concentrations of age reversing patented Soy Beauty® complex, super antioxidant benefits of Resveratrol, Hippophae with rare Omega 7, Vitamin C, E and A to mention a few. Deeply moisturizing, nourishing and revitalizing to keep skin looking youthful, plumb and silky smooth.

  • *Grapefruit Body Polisher (a sweet exfoliating delight for the body)
  • *Soy Beauty Hand & Body Anti-Aging Complex (maximum anti-aging effect for everything below the neck)
  • *Golden Body Oil (de-stressing and deeply hydrating body and massage oil)
  • *Black Currant Body Wash with Resveratrol (silky luxurious foaming wash to cleanse, renew and transform skin under all the layers of clothes)
$194.00 / Each
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