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Environmental Damage Repair - Lactic Acid Peel 37%

Lactic Acid Peel - Environmental Damage Repair
37% Chemical Peel - 2.5 pH For Professional Use
On a daily basis, the skin endures environment assault including regular sun exposure that contributes to blotchy and uneven tone and signs of aging. This is the first peel ever to incorporate the powerful UV damage repair breakthrough blend, Trinitea™, a combination of 3 super antioxidant teas, Green, White and Rooibos, rich with polyphenols. It inhibits free radical damage, especially of the lipids. The relatively gentle yet super effective action of the peel allows for instant results without the common harsh sensation during treatment typically associated with a peel of 30% or higher.  Brighten, repair and regenerate the skin with Lactic Acid, a special Fruit Acid ComplexPanthenolArginineFig and Red Algae extracts.
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